Connect to global Ecosystem Providers

Access multiple ecosystems from one single platform

Access & manage multiple ecosystems
from the Global Edge portal

Ecosystem providers by Global Edge

With the collaboration of Megaport and Console Connect, Global Edge offers you access to thousands of connection points all in one place. Research, price and manage your connections seamlessly on the Global Edge platform.

Leverage the Megaport backbone
and connect to 850+ locations

Global Edge has partnered with Megaport allowing users point-and-click access to the extensive Megaport network. Select, price and monitor your connections directly from the Global Edge platform.

Megaport & Global edge

Enhanced Performance

Direct connections to the Megaport network ensure low-latency access to cloud providers and other critical IT resources, significantly improving network performance.

Simplified Cloud Integration

Global Edge provides users with easy access to multiple cloud service providers through a single connection point. This seamless connectivity simplifies multi-cloud strategies and improves operations.

On-Demand Connectivity

Users can quickly establish and scale connections to a wide range of cloud services as needed, facilitating faster deployments and adjustments to their IT environment.

Plug into the extensive
Console Connect ecosystem

Global Edge offers access and connections into the Console Connect ecosystem featuring over 900 enabled Data Centres. Automated access to our own private network infrastructure. Avoid the public internet and enhance network security, speed and performance.