Gain the competitive edge for your business

simplify IT operations from the Edge to the Cloud

Network automation is the key to accelerated business growth

Innovation, agility, and operational efficiency are the keys to business success in the expanding digital landscape. The Global Edge platform was designed to simplify and streamline your IT operations from the Edge to Cloud. Our solution's core purpose is to make complex IT operations and ecosystems hassle-free and manageable. By bridging the Edge and the Cloud, we empower you with seamless operational continuity, resulting in an optimised, high-performing business network that drives productivity and growth.

Reduce Costs

Global Edge allows you to centralise all your ecosystem and cloud partners, offers you a more informed and holistic view.

Scale Faster

Reach more ecosystems, data centers and cloud providers from the one platform. Scale effortlessly and meet changing business demands quickly.

Simplify Operations

Global Edge offers edge-to-the-cloud technology that brings all of the major telco ecosystems into one platform - and delivers them to the edge.

Ecosystem Orchestration
to the Edge

Global Edge is a cloud-based platform that delivers on-demand network services with a flexible self-service pay-as-you-go model, that will boost profitability, and lower overheads. Integrate and centralise your existing ecosystem providers into one network management platform.
Cloud providers Global Edge

Empowering leaders with
intelligent network analytics

Built-in Deep Packet Inspection

Via the DPI dashboard, you will gain comprehensive insights into network operations through local deep packet monitoring, seamlessly integrated with cloud-driven analytics. Monitor application flows based on category, application and protocol.

More Flexibility

Compatible with a wide range of virtual and hardware firewalls, and uCPE devices. BYO Firewall from all major vendors or select the hosted firewall option with Juniper SRX Series.

Improved Control

Global Edge facilitates centralised governance and greater network control with a single platform to configure, manage and deploy all of your ecosystem accounts.

Greater Versatility

A single ecosystem orchestration platform that has integrated all the major cloud vendors, ecosystems and data centers. Versatile solution for heterogeneous IT environments.

Reach more corners of the globe

Gain effortless access to multiple ecosystems worldwide, interact with multiple data centres irrespective of their geographical locations, and efficiently manage several cloud providers all from our singular point of control.