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We’ve built a last mile SD-WAN to help you connect, configure and activate the edge in minutes.  But, that’s not all: The next level benefits are written in the ActivePort software where you can view and manage your cloud, networks and systems in one place. The result? Choice, reduced costs, safety, simplicity and speed to activate wherever, whenever.


The future has already started

This year has demonstrated how fast business demands change and the need for flexible solutions. With Global Edge, we’ve done the work for you – it’s a plug in and run SD-WAN that lets you connect to the edge in minutes no matter where in the world you, your customers or colleagues are.


SD-WAN is many things, but it doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive or lock you into a vendor specific ecosystem. Click here to talk tech and find out why.

Get your Global Edge

Be activated anywhere in the world, gain visibility of the entire network across all vendors in real-time, and have complete independence from large vendors and proprietary software, to take advantage of new technology as it arrives.

And that – taking advantage of new technology – is exactly what Global Edge is about. Whether you use SD-WAN or Cloud to run your business or SD-WAN and Cloud IS your business, with Global Edge you can replace complexity and high costs with choice, simplicity and speed to run your network, your way.


Choice and transparency

High quality SD-WAN alternative to the “big” vendors. No more tightly coupled hardware and software solutions that lock you into expensive, inflexible and complex environment. Your technology; in your hands; your way.



No need for complicated, hardware specific configuration and management. With Global Edge, all configuration is managed centrally and distributed to the edge device.


Speed to activate

By employing all connectivity / WAN options available, including wireless, Global Edge is able to connect, configure and activate the edge in minutes once the device is on site and powered.

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What you get is more than you buy.

Jump to our tech talk section to learn how ActivePort’s single pane of glass view cuts complexity, cost and time so you can focus on what really matters.

What you get

We are rewriting the rules, handing you the keys to the edge


The adoption of technology should be easy and straight-forward, not expensive and require the swap out of everything you have.


A SD-WAN that lets you replace complexity and high costs with choice, simplicity and speed to run your network, your way.


100 years of collective experience, a few grey hairs and a mission to use great technology to make life easier for businesses. Learn the details in tech talk.


Mid-tier organisations looking to expand and manage their network, introduce SD-WAN to grow or upgrade their corporate applications and connectivity... Without breaking the bank

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