What happens when some of Australia’s top engineers and telco executives get together, with no corporate restraints?

They break the old and create the new way to connect. With 100 + years of collective experience and a few wrinkles, the Global Edge team knows the industry inside-out and is on a mission to give control back where it belongs: The customer.

Why Global Edge

Giving you the edge

At Global Edge, we are driven by a desire to use the great technology available to make life easier for businesses. We love what technology can do, and we don’t like it when people are ripped off to run the technology in their business. The adoption of technology should be easy and straight-forward, not expensive and require the swap out of everything you have. Bigger and expensive is not always better, in fact, this is one of the biggest myths around and one that is more about the needs of the vendors instead of what you need.

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Put simply, great engineering or technology isn’t great until you say it is

Your business, your way

Maybe you rely on SD-WAN and Cloud to run your business. You want a solution that does what it promises, for a sensible price, and that is easy to work with. Put simply, you want to run your network, your way, the way that is useful and valuable to you.

We wanted that too. So, we created it.

And instead of selling the concept to the big vendors, we’re offering it directly to you. Click-and-collect equipment and software, delivered to get you up and running as fast as possible, anywhere in the world.